Sewer camera inspection

Replacing or repairing sewer lines can be very expensive so knowing the condition of these lines is valuable knowledge prior to making a home purchase. The best way to learn the condition of these lines is to use a sewer camera because you need to know the internal condition of the system. Our licensed plumbers will be able to see what is going on inside the pipes, and will be able to identify any issues or damage. This will provide you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about a home purchase.

Video sewer inspections are not typically included in a standard home inspection but it is highly recommend to order an inspection separately especially on homes older than 25 years. Prior to 1984, many homes were constructed with clay sewer pipes, which are easily broken or crushed.

Sewer camera inspections are not just useful for home purchase inspections but also as part of standard maintenance on your home. An inspection will tell you what you need to know about the general status of your sewer system, and then you will have a chance to repair any possible damage sooner rather than later.

Once an inspection is completed, our plumbers can dig into the ground to find the place where the leak or damage is present and repair this section if needed. You will learn a lot from a sewer inspection video, and it can become part of a routine inspection especially if you have trees near. Placing a camera in your pipe will teach and provide you more information about the health and flow of your pipe. Your pipes should last a very long time and placing a camera inside them will provide the assurance you need to prevent larger issues that may arise in the future. Ask us to inspect your pipes before buying a home or on your current home and we will be able to provide you instant results and explain the process if repairs are needed.