Garage Disposal InstallationInstalling garbage disposals under a sink can make clean up much easier. A garbage disposal use sharp blades to liquefy food waste so that it can flow smoothly through the drains and into the drainage system. Although you can do the installation yourself, it is advisable to consult a plumber such as ourselves when you are not sure what needs to be done. We provide free estimates and will not pressure you into a sale.

The two types of garbage disposals used are continuous and batch feed. Continuous feeds are the most common and are easier to use. As long as the power is switched on, the disposal can be in use. They are also the less expensive of the two. Since they do not have a cap, bottle tops, silverware, and even your finger may be caught.

A batch feed is safer to use, but it can be harder to use especially when you have large amounts of foods to dispose of. They are activated with a unique cover that is used to keep items from falling into the grinder. They do not grind food when the compositor is in use and are prone to having bacteria grow if food sits in the disposal for extended periods.

A low-end garbage disposal may cost $70 while a high-end one may go up to $380. A more expensive unit is quieter, sufficient, uses less water, and does not clog easily compared to a less expensive unit. Pricing of these units does reflect in the quality. Hiring a plumber to do the installation for you I a reasonable honest price at Narrow Path Plumbing. This price may fluctuate depending on whether your home has electrical wiring and plumbing already in place or nearby
Adding some accessories to your disposal makes it more efficient. For instance, adding a treatment dispenser if you are using a septic tank is a good idea since it will treat the septic tank, prolonging its life. Some even come with scents release mechanisms for your septic. You can also consider adding a dishwasher drain connector that runs dish washing water through the disposal or adding a push button system that makes it easier to start and stop the disposal. Adding a baffle to prevent unwanted items from entering the disposal comes in handy and protects you from injury
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