water damaged basementSlab leaks can start creeping up on you at any time. The worst part is, the signs and symptoms can be hard to spot and you could be wasting water and money for quite some time before even noticing it. Here are some things to pay attention to for ensuring you do not have any water leaks.

Warm Spots Under the Floor

One of the easiest ways to discover a water leak is when it is a broken hot water line. If you start to feel unusually warm areas under the floor, you will want to check it out to be sure there are no leaks.

New Mildew Smells

Water leaks can be noticed using the nose. If you start to notice mildew smells coming from areas with tile or linoleum, it’s possible that you have a leak. Leaks force the water out, but since they have no place to go, you will start to get a build-up of stinky moisture.

The Sound of Running Water

Listen very carefully, and you might hear the sound of running water when all the faucets and hoses are off. This is a major sign that you’ve got a problem. You might also hear hissing or bubbling noises that are just not normal.

Low Water Pressure

If you notice a gradual or sudden decrease in water pressure throughout the house, it’s time to make sure you don’t have any leaks. Quite a few slab leaks happen within main lines where the water enters into the home from the outside. Even small water leaks can cause these drops in pressure.

Cracks in the Walls

One major sign of a slab leak is any cracks in the baseboards or walls of your home. With the slab completely stationary, a water leak can cause the entire foundation to shift, causing these cracks. This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. It could impact the entire house.

Higher-than-Usual Water Bill

A water leak can cause your monthly bills to suddenly skyrocket. Pay close attention to any random increases in your water bill, as slab leaks can cause over 10K gallons of precious water to go to waste. You could be losing that much water – and the money associated – in just a single month!

Strange Water Meter Activity

Monitor your water meter by making sure all faucets and running water is off in the house. This includes making sure the dish washer and washing machines are not being used. If you still notice that the meter dial is changing, this is a red flag. Some water meters even have a leak detector and this can be the biggest help to you in finding that you have a slab leak.

Whichever of the above signs and symptoms you notice, it’s important to have it looked into right away by a professional. Letting a leak continue could cause damage to your house and could greatly increase repair costs in the long term.