Knowing when it’s beyond a do-it-yourself project

leaking toilet pictureThe DIY movement continues to help many save money and creates a sense of accomplishment and pride for some. It’s important, though, to know which projects to tackle and which ones to leave to professionals. Sometimes seemingly simple issues become full blown catastrophes that end up costing much more than a visit from a trusted plumber would have cost.

As we’ve mentioned before, there are many fixes you can do on your own quickly and easily. A buzzing garbage disposal, a clogged sink, and a drippy faucet aren’t only things you can fix, but these are things we recommend knowing how to remedy on your own.
Broken appliances or larger fixtures are examples of the types of jobs often better left to those with more experience. For example, each step for fixing a leak around the base of the toilet may be simple but one mistake could mean an even bigger leak or worse – a hidden leak. And replacing the hot water tank heater could seem easy—if not heavy—until you leave something a bit loose and end up with a flood.
Clogs that you can’t DIY-away through plunging methods may also need professional help. These could be deep clogs far down the line or even a collapsed line.
Basically anything you don’t truly know how to fix may be better off handled by a professional. This will save time for you and avoid potential future costs. And it can help you have a good, dry week.

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