Plumber repairing sink for elderly lady

Bathrooms are traditionally a place in the home where slip and fall accidents can happen, especially to the elderly. When you combine slippery surfaces with hard metal or ceramic fixtures and running water, all it can take is losing one’s balance for a moment and an injury can happen.

Luckily, today there are enhancements that can be added to bathrooms to make them much safer and to help your elderly loved ones keep their independence and privacy. Adding some thoughtful accessories can also give them confidence and feelings of security even in the bathroom.

Walk-in bathtubs

They help eliminate the need to step over a high, thick edge that is usually found in traditional bathtubs. The door on a walk-in bathtub features a water tight seal to prevent leaking. Many walk-in tubs also have a built-in seating area for easier and safer bathing. The person using the tub can sit at a safe height, instead of virtually needing to sit on a floor the way they would have to in a traditional tub. Some walk-in tubs even have a soothing hydro-jet feature to help soothe aching muscles, much like a spa would have.

Shower chair or bench

For bathtubs that are not walk-in tubs or for walk-in showers, there are now shower chairs and benches that will fit easily into the tub or shower for safer bathing. Some bath seats come with handy lift features for help with getting in or out of the tub. There are also benches that are called transfer benches that help people get in and out of the tub more easily.

Non-slip mats

Non-slip mats are always a good safety idea, no matter what the age or ability is of a person using the bathtub or shower.

Hand-held shower heads

A hand-held shower head can also be helpful instead of a shower head that is placed overhead. This gives the user more control of the running water.

Grab bars

These are essential to help prevent slip and fall accidents. A good, sturdy bar to hold on to helps people with balance issues or problems with dizziness.

Raised toilet seats and safety enhancing toilet frames

– When seats are raised just a bit, this can make a big difference in accessibility for the elderly. Toilet frames with sturdy bars can also be helpful with standing up and sitting down, activities that can be painful or unsafe for the elderly or for people with physical challenges.

Providing Feelings of Confidence And Independence

Adding some helpful accessories and making a few adjustments to the home can make a huge difference in enabling elderly or mobility challenged people to stay in their own home, where they are most comfortable. Every room in the home can become accessible and safe for everyone to use when a little attention is paid to adding helpful elder care accessories.