Everyone who has had a clog in the past knows there is one vital household tool essential to getting a drain clear. This vital tool is a drain cleaning snake also sometimes called drain augers. Snakes are a great way to free up minor clogs. When you have a major clog chances are you will need to call a plumber. Professional plumbers use industrial size drain snakes to reach deeper into drains.

Clogs in sinks can be difficult to reach without using a drain snake.  Luckily many clogs do not happen very deep and can be addressed without requiring a professional. If you are not able to reach the clog using the snake it is time to call a professional.

How To Use A Drain Snake

plumbers snakeRemove any sink strainers or drain covers and then push the end of the snake into the drain opening. Most drain augers with come with a handle causing the snake to bend and turn through the pipe. Apply pressure while feeding the snake down the pipes. Don’t worry about causing damage to the pipe. The snake will bend on its own to reach further down the pipe and turn on its own.

Keep pushing until you encounter resistance. Typically the first resistance will be the initial bends in the pipe and the second resistance will be the clog itself. The tip of the snake may attach to the clog and allow you to pull the clog out of the pipe. Once you feel the twisting become easier after encountering resistance try pulling the snake back out of the drain. If you are lucky you will pull the clog out!

This process may take a few times but once you feel like you have either broken up the clog or pulled it out start running water.  This will let you know if the clog is removed and push the bits further down to the main sewer pipe. It is best to let the water run at full force for a few minutes to completely clear your drains.

Snakes are essential for plumbing, and they can clear almost any clog. Keep one in your home, and it will come in handy if you encounter a clog.