Copper water pipe dripping at the joint with a stop valve

Leaky pipes can be a big plumbing problem and a problem that needs to be remedied quickly. We here at Narrow Path Plumbing have seen small leaks turn into pretty massive problems because they were ignored, so we recommend you pay attention to any leaks in your pipes.

There are all different kinds of leaks and different causes for them. Most of the time you want to contact a plumbing professional for a leaky pipe. There are, however, pipe leaks that you can fix yourself quickly and easily, even if you don’t have a lot of plumbing know how.

Shut Off the Water

You need to turn off the water right away when you see a leaky pipe. If you are going to fix the leak yourself, you won’t want the water running. Even if you are planning on contacting a professional, you want the water supply off to prevent flooding and household damage. This is done by accessing the main shut off valve; it is usually by the water meter, often in basements.

When to do it Yourself

After the water is off, you should see how small the leak is. If it is small, you can use plumber’s epoxy. To mix the epoxy, follow the directions on the package. Once mixed, wipe down the pipe so that it is dry and clean and free from rust or other debris. After the epoxy you applied dries, you should turn the water back on, and then you need to monitor the area to see if the leak continues.

If the leak is at a joint, you may also be able to fix the issue yourself. You should use a couple of wrenches to tighten the joint. If the pipe is old, rusty, or otherwise damaged, don’t try this; you could end up breaking the pipe and causing an even bigger problem. If this doesn’t work, you can use plumber’s epoxy here too, but it is only a temporary fix.

When to Call a Plumber

You should get in touch with a plumber anytime you can’t fix the leak yourself for whatever reason. Large leaks that cannot be remedied with epoxy need professional attention. Damaged, rusty, punctured pipes need a plumber to do any replacements.


Handling leaky pipes can sometimes be something you can do yourself. All of us at Narrow Path Plumbing enjoy doing “do it yourself” fixes around our home, and we are sure you may too. Just remember though, leaky pipes can end up being a big problem if not fixed correctly, so don’t try to handle leaky pipes yourself if the problem is too large. Be sure to call a professional plumber immediately if you have a heavy leak or if your DIY repair gets out of hand.