Of all the things in your home that are absolute necessities we bet that your toilet is high on that list. As one of the most vital fixtures in our homes, it can seem almost catastrophic when something goes wrong with it.

While some toilet issues definitely need a plumber’s help, the majority of toilet problems that come up are able to be fixed quickly and easily without a professional. We would certainly still be happy to help you, but this advice can help you to save time and money, getting your toilet running properly again before you know it.

A Toilet Clog

We talk about clogs a lot on our website because they are incredibly common. There are a lot of tools that can help you unclog your toilet drain. Plunging your toilet is the best course of action for a standard clog, and a flared, force-cup plunger is a great tool for that. A closet auger is better for serious clogs; you use it by putting the auger (or snake) down the drain and turning the handle while you force the end of the auger in toward the clog.

Trickling Water

Some call this phenomenon “phantom flushes.” This is when you sporadically hear your toilet begin to refill as if it had been flushed. This issue is caused by a slow leak from your toilet’s tank, and a bad flapper seat or flapper is usually the culprit. The way you can fix this is by draining your bowl and tank, first; then you clean and inspect the flapper and flapper seat. If anything is worn or damaged, you may need to replace them, another cheap and easy fix.

A Hissing Toilet

Your toilet can make a hissing sound when water is trickling from the supply line into the tank, usually from the inlet valve. To remedy this, you need to check several parts in your tank to see which are causing the problem. Check to see if the float is stuck or needs to be adjusted. Your next step would be to look at the refill tube. If this is not the issue, you may need to replace the ballcock assembly, a task perfect for those into do it yourself sorts of projects.

Continuous Running

If you flush your toilet and it just won’t stop running, something is stuck. A quick jiggle of the handle can do the trick, but often, you have to go into the tank. The chain that controls the flapper can get caught up in itself or on the flapper, especially if the chain is too long. Adjusting the chain to a more appropriate size is simple enough, and usually all it takes.

Not Flushing At All

Again, this toilet issue is usually an easy fix. Again, jiggling the handle may be all it takes, but usually, the issue is inside the tank. The mechanism that controls the flapper probably got disconnected somewhere along the line, and usually you can quickly reattach these to make the toilet flush again.

A Weak Flush

Sometimes when your toilet bowl begins to empty very slowly, it is caused by the holes under the rim of the bowl being clogged. A bit of wire turned under can be just the ticket to fixing this issue. Poke the wire gently into each of the flush holes to remove debris. You should also try to use your bit of wire (or straightened wire hanger) to loosen anything that could be clogging the siphon jet that is located at the bottom of the drain.

A Leaking Bowl

This fix is truly for those into doing their own home repair! If you notice water leaking from the bottom of your toilet, it is probably caused by a weakened seal where the toilet connects to the floor. You will have to drain the toilet bowl and tank, disconnect the water, and pull the toilet up to replace the seal. A relatively simple repair, most people probably should still consider getting professional help for this common toilet problem.

Call a Local Professional

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