While many plumbing fixes require professional plumbers, we at Narrow Plath Plumbing are well aware that there are some fixes that the average property owner can do on their own. By doing your own basic plumbing repairs, you can save yourself time and money and avoid hassles and headaches. Also, do it yourself repairs can often be ever so satisfying!

If you want to do plumbing repairs at home, you could fill a whole tool chest with supplies and gear so that you could be prepared for anything that could happen. This may be a bit excessive for most folks, so having only certain tools on hand may be a bit more helpful. The following are some essential plumbing tools that you need for your home, which you should feel free to add to if you are so inclined.


An absolute essential, even if you aren’t handy, you need to have at least one plunger in your home. These can quickly and easily remedy clogs in toilets, showers, sinks, and tubs. Ideally you want a flange-shaped plunger for toilets and a bell shaped plunger for other drains. Without a plunger, a basic clog could end up catastrophic. Spending $10 or less on a plunger or two can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars on plumbing repairs and home clean-up.

Tongue and Groove Pliers (Channellocks)

These are special pliers that are great for a whole host of purposes, even beyond your plumbing needs. Use these to tighten, loosen, pull, grab, twist, and hold. There are multiple sizes, and the 10” and 12” versions will be the most versatile in your tool box. With these, all sorts of nuts and fittings will be so much easier to handle.

A Plumbing Snake or Auger

Snakes, also called augers, are great tools for breaking up clogs, letting you clear drains on your own. They are simple tools that have a long cable that flexes and bends down your drain with an auger on the end that can break up clogs; the end outside the drain has a handle that you crank. There are two types of snakes, and it may be a good idea to get both a sink auger and a toilet auger. The latter is a bit more versatile, but it won’t do much good if it’s all you have on hand with a clogged sink drain.

Teflon Tape

If you have a leaky joint, or if you want to reinforce to prevent a leak, Teflon Tape is an essential plumbing tool. Very inexpensive, this thin and flexible tape seals pipe threads where they are joined around showerhead connections, waterlines, and more. This simple tool may be enough on its own to remedy the lightest of leaks.

Pipe Wrench

As the name suggests, if you are working with pipes, this may be a wrench you want to have on hand. It is used for turning iron pipes or fittings with rounded surfaces. A large, heavy tool, it can also help to loosen and remove tight caps and nuts.

And More…

There are, of course, other basic tools that you should have on hand. These don’t just help with plumbing, but these keep you prepared for any needed household repairs. A hammer, screwdriver set, tape measures, pencils, and wood chisels are just some of the tools you want to keep in your home. If you want to do a more advanced plumbing project, you may want to consider consulting some do-it-yourself guides to be sure that you have a comprehensive shopping list to get what you need. The basics listed here are just the essentials plumbing tools you need to start building up your tool chest, helping you to be ready for more. If you are in the Dayton and Cincinnati area and all areas in between such as West Chester, Maineville, and Lebanon Ohio and need advice or a free estimate contact us anytime. (937) 623-2619